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Pen Argyl Borough Monthly Minutes | Archive

Tuesday 13th of December 2022 - Hearing, Budget Adoption & Council Meet

Agenda - Pen Argyl Borough Council Meeting of Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance:


Roll Call:


Public Hearing:

            Ordinance 722, amending Chapter 108 (“Pen Argyl Borough Zoning Ordinance”), Article VI. Section 108-21 IL Light Industrial, Commercial District Allowing for conversion of existing buildings into apartments as a conditional use and Article VII, Section 108-26, by modifying the table of minimum requirements for parking areas for accessory garages or parking areas to provide for changes to minimum parking spaces for certain uses.




Discussion and Final Adoption of Year 2023 Budget:

                                            General Fund - $2,533,100 - 13.00 Mills

                                              Sewer Fund - $1,549,000.00

                                          Garbage Fund - $526,275.00

                                                State Fund - $303,669.00

                                            Reserve Fund - $3,298,604.00                     

                                        Capital Reserve Fund - $657,873.00


                                                  Tax Structure

                             Real Estate Tax Millage - 13.00 Mills (No tax increase)

                                                   Per Capita - $ 5.00

                          Local Services Tax (LST) - $52.00

             Real Estate Transfer Tax - 1% - Shared Equally with School District

                     Earned Income Tax - 1% - Shared Equally with School District

                        Sewer Rental Fee - $105.00 Minimum Quarterly Charge per Unit/10,000 Gallons

                                                        $13.50 per Thousand Gallons over 10,000 Gallons

                                                        $157.59 Flat Rate for Unmeasurable Water Consumption

                                                        $13.13 School Charge Per Student


                                Garbage Fee - Garbage Fee Waived for year 2023


            The Borough Assessment Valuation for 2023 is $66,817,200: 2022 was $66,969,800: 2021 was $67,093,100; 2020 was $67,029,500; 2019 was $67,113,200; 2018 was $67,092,500; 2017 was $67,572,400; and 2016 was $67,524,800. One (1) Mill equals $66,817.20; less 5% uncollectible, collectible amount is $63,476.34.


Prior years Millage:  Years 2022, 2021 and 2020 were 13 Mills; 2019 was 12 Mills and 2018 was 11 Mills.


Ordinance #724 to increase the quarterly Sewer Rental Fees.

Resolution #2022-07 - for fixing 2023 Millage Rate.

Resolution #2022-08 – for suspending 2023 charges of residential dwelling units’ collection of municipal waste.     


Resolution for Earned Income Tax, Per Capita, Local Services Tax (LST) and Property Transfer Tax for the Year of 2023:


Resolution to appoint Berkheimer Associates as Collector of the Local Services Tax (LST) and

Keystone Collection Group as Collector of the Earned Income Tax for Year of 2023 (D16):


Ordinance #723 amending Chapter 85 Disruptive Conduct Board


Public Works Report:

            Monthly Report (D25). Robinson Avenue Turnback (D1).  Playground Equipment Estimate (D2). Lobb Pool Drainage Correspondence (D3).  Gas and Oil Bid (D26).  Concession Stand Update (D27).


Zoning Report:

            Monthly Report (D28). Stormwater Ordinance Update. Zoning Variance Request (D29). 


Police Report:

            Minutes 10/20/22, Agenda 11/17/22 (D6).  Police Vehicle.


Fire Chief's Report:



            Council Meeting of 11/1/2022 (D30) and Special Council Meeting of 11/29/2022 (D31). Park Board 11/9/2022 Agenda, Minutes 9/14/2022 revised and 10/12/2022(D7).



            Slate Belt Printers (D19). Slate Belt Heritage Center (D32).  W. Pennsylvania Property Issue (D33).  Plainfield Township Zoning Hearing (D34).


Mayor's Report:

            PIP Program. Borough Projects. COG Minutes 11/16/202 (D35).  Community Events/Awards & Certificates.  Employee Engagement.  Slate Belt Regional Police /Public Safety.  Holiday Party Review.  


Planning Commission:

            Planning Commission Meeting Agenda 11/17/2022 (D8) and Draft Agenda 12/15/2022 D36). Plan Slate Belt Meeting 11/2/2022 (D9).  410 S Main Street (D20, D24, D37, D38 and D39). 


Solicitor's Report:


Sanitation, Solid Waste & Recycling:

            Monthly Report (D11). Municipal Authority Agendas & Minutes (D12 and D42 and D43). Engineer Report (D41).  Billing concerns update.


Finance, Tax Exoneration, Insurance & Personnel:

            Treasury Report (D44).  Pool Grant (D45).  Public Works Laborer hire recommendations (D46).  


Property & Utilities:

            Window Update.  Community Center Update.  Fire Department Request (D16).


Community Outreach:

            Feral Cat Report (D47).  Tree Lighting Review.  Walt Cole’s History Book.  Slate Belt Rising Steering Committee Agenda (D17).


Borough Manager's Report:

            Monthly Report (D48). Slate Belt Chamber Economic Development Committee (D18 and D22).   Engineering Appointment Recommendation and Discussion (D49).  Wind Gap/Waste Management Agreement (D50).  Borough Offices will be closed on 12/26/2022 and 1/2/2023.   Manager off 12/20/2022-12/22/2022 and 12/27/2022-12/29/2022.  


Payment of Bills:

            Bill Summary (D51).  General Fund - $11,769.39; Sewer Fund - $25,472.90.

 and Reserve Money Market Fund - $65,494.41.


Executive Session:





January Council Meeting - Tuesday, January 3, 2023 - 7:00 P. M.

Workshop – Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 7:00 P. M.